Did you know:  We specialise in helping solo entrepreneurs and small businesses…

Did you know:  We specialise in helping solo entrepreneurs and small businesses…

Need WordPress help?

Do you need WordPress Help? Do you not fully understand all this web stuff? Or do you just want to outsource the heavy lifting?

At DP Websolutions we love web building and design and we are ready to give you a helping hand.

Let us take your worries away and ensure everything runs smoothly. No stress, don’t panic, we are here for you!

WordPress Help and WordPress Maintenance for any budget, any size, any WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop.

Need help with your WordPress website?

Are you a freelancer or a small company owner? Looking for  WordPress Help? Don’t Panic Websolutions is there for you.

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Hey there! At DP Websolutions, we totally get the struggles of freelance and small companies. We’re like your WordPress maintenance and WordPress Help superheroes, here to save the day with our magical skills and crazy affordable rates. Leave the technical stuff to us, so you can focus on your work. Get in touch with us for all your WordPress website or WooCommerce webshop needs. We’re all about professional solutions, a friendly vibe, and lightning-fast help. Let’s rock your online presence!

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Questions, issues, new ideas?

WordPress Help

We are here to help you….

And get everything straightened out for you.

Don’t Panic Websolutions, the WordPress Help you need

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Welcome to DP Websolutions! Do you need WordPress help with your website or webshop? Take a deep breath and relax! Are you searching for professional WordPresshelp and professional WordPress  maintenance and support services? Look no further! We’ve been working with WordPress for a long time. We’ve been around the block. If you want to know how to do something, we’ve probably got a pretty good idea of how to do it. Just ask. Why don’t you let us take on the stress of making sure your site is protected, maintained, backed up and all is up to date. So, you can focus on your business, while we keep eye on your site.

We have been very successful in protecting our clients’ sites from getting hacked. And while we succeed doing so, we found out there was another need for our clients once a site went live… information, maintenance, help with larger and smaller tasks and optimization…. Don’t Panic Websolutions – The WordPress Help you need!

Did you know?

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Professional solutions –  Ask all your questions – Websites – Webshops – WordPress – Divi – Professional approach

Don’t Panic Websolutions – The WordPress Help you need!

Hello, my name is Jason Sindram and I am the owner of DP Websolutions. I pride myself on being a skilled and experienced technical guru, although some may affectionately refer to me as a nerd. While others may give up or find it frustrating, I find joy in solving complex puzzles and I am determined to find the right fix or answer.

My background is quite diverse as I initially studied psychology but found my passion in the fast-paced world of technology. After spending over fifteen years as a technical analyst, I eventually grew weary of it and decided to pursue a career as an English teacher. While teaching was enjoyable, I felt a strong pull back to the challenging world of technical issues. I noticed that people were experiencing difficulties with their websites and webshops, which was causing them significant financial losses. The call of the galaxy became too great

At DP Websolutions, I am committed to utilizing my expertise to resolve these technical issues and alleviate the distress of individuals and businesses. I am dedicated to providing effective solutions and ensuring that websites and webshops work seamlessly, helping my clients succeed and thrive in their online ventures.

Therefore, I put on my astronaut suit, (always have one lying around anyway), and arrive to your rescue under the banner of DP Websolutions. Our motto: Don’t Panic. Alongside rescuing and repairing, we also specialize in building & designing shops and sites on the WordPress platform. I say, we, since I work closely with a talented team of freelance designers and developers; to make all your wishes come true.

Jason Sindram - DP Websolutions

Themes and Page Editors



Our expertise lies in seamlessly working with a wide range of WordPress themes, including both popular and lesser-known options such as Divi, Hello Elementor, Astra, Themify Ultra, OceanWP, Hestia, Avada, Inspiro, GeneratePress, Neve, and many more.

We are also adept at utilizing renowned page editors like Divi, Elementor, and Beaver Builder, providing you with versatile solutions to elevate your website.

Rely on our creative problem-solving skills, offered with utmost honesty and respect, to ensure a flawlessly functioning website. Leave your web maintenance and support concerns to us while you dedicate your focus on growing your business.

With our expert team monitoring and optimizing your WordPress theme and plugins, you can rest assured that your website will always be up to date and running at its best.

Our comprehensive WordPress maintenance services include weekly site clearing and optimization, along with hosting advice and our expert WordPress Help ensures your website is in the best hands. Experience the best services available with DP Websolutions, where we always provide top-notch solutions with a smile. Don’t Panic!

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